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Cabbage ( ପତ୍ର କୋବି)

Our Price: 65.00 / Units
Category: Vegetables
Total Sold: 2252 Units
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Average Unit Weight Of One Cabbage Is 750 Grams

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Health Benefits Of Cabbage:

It is an excellent source of Vit-K, Vit-C, Vit-B1, Vit-B2, Vit-B6, Vit-B3, Mn, dietary fiber, K, folate, Cu, choline, P, Mg, Ca, Se, Fe, pantothenic acid and protein. Regular consumption of cabbage extends anti-aging benefits to the skin. It is also good for heart health. Cabbage juice enhances skin complexion. Its K content purifies our body and skin. It is likely safe when consumed in food amounts.

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