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Usna Long Grain Rice 1 Kg Pack

Usna Long Grain Rice 1 Kg Pack
Our Price: 42.00 / Units
Category: Rice
Total Sold: 300 Units
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Also Known As Parboiled Rice, Converted Rice & Easy To Cook Rice

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About - 

Usna rice or Parboiled rice, also known as converted rice and easy-cook rice, is rice that has been partially boiled in the husk. The three basic steps of parboiling are soaking, steaming and drying. These steps make the rice easier to process by hand, while also boosting its nutritional profile, changing its texture, and making it more resistant to weevils

Benefits - 

Health benefits of Usna rice includes improved gut health. The starch in parboiled rice acts as a prebiotic, meaning that it acts as a sort of fertilizer and encourages the growth of healthy bacteria, or probiotics, in your gut. Having the right balance of microorganisms in your gut can impact everything from your health to your mood, so eating foods containing prebiotics can be extremely beneficial to your overall health. In comparison to both white rice and brown rice, parboiled rice has a lower impact on blood sugar levels, making it a safer choice for people with diabetes than other rices

Disclaimer - The information mentioned above is compiled from data collected from different sources and is purely intended for general viewership purpose only. They should not be used for any diagnostic and or prescriptive purpose. For accurate nutritional information, please consult your dietician and or a certified medical practitioner

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