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Red Grapes

Red Grapes
Our Price: 220.00 / Kg
Category: Fruits
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Also Known As Angoor, Draksha, Da’ach, Mundiringa

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Nutritional Facts - 

Red grapes are very low in Saturated Fat, Cholesterol and Sodium. It is very rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin K

Benefits - 

Red grapes health benefits include their ability to prevent aging, boost the immune system, strengthen the hair, boost vision, optimize cognition, aid in weight lossand reduce the risk of heart disease, among others. It is able to prevent oxidative stress and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, while also speeding the healingprocess for scars and blemishes. It can also improve skin elasticity and keep you looking younger for longer. Red grapes can help to improve hair health by protecting follicles, reducing hair loss, and boosting the lustre of your locks. Grape juice has even been used in some cultures as a hair tonic and scalp salve that can speed the improvement process for your hair. Red grapes shows great promise in reducing oxidative stress and plaque deposition, helping to keep your mind and memory clear as you age. It is also known to improve your powers of concentration and knowledge retention

Disclaimer - The information mentioned above is compiled from data collected from different sources and is purely intended for general viewership purpose only. They should not be used for any diagnostic and or prescriptive purpose. For accurate nutritional information, please consult your dietician and or a certified medical practitioner

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