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Paneer 250 Gram Pack

Paneer 250 Gram Pack
Our Price: 85.00 / Units
Category: Dairy And Bakery
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Also Known As Cottage Cheese

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About - 

Paneer or cottage cheese is prepared by boiling and curdling milk with the help of acidic substances such as lime or vinegar. As the milk boils, it starts to curdle, forming lumps of curd. This curd is then pressed to squeeze out the whey or milk serum to form a big lump of curd or cheese. Cheese is a milk product that is made in a number of different ways and can be purchased in different forms depending on the milk and fat content. The different types of cheese include hoop cheese, farmer cheese, pot cheese, paneer, queso blanco, and various others. Each of these cheeses is prepared with a different procedure and sometimes different ingredients are added. Thus, different kinds of cheeses have evolved with different flavours

Benefits - 

Panner or Cottage cheese health benefits include weight loss, a good supply of protein, B complex vitamins, and healthy fats, as well as a reduced risk of breast cancer. One of the biggest benefits of cottage cheese is the high amount of casein protein found in it. It is believed that cow’s milk contains the highest amount of casein protein among various kinds of milk. The amount of protein contained in cottage cheese is ideal for vegetarians in supplying them with the required amount of daily protein. Cottage cheese does not require any amount of cooking and it can be consumed directly. Cottage cheese is recommended for pregnant women along with athletes due to various essential nutrients found in it. They need calcium and cottage cheese is a very good source of it. Cottage cheese may help reduce blood sugar levels. Many recommend it as one of the best snacks to have for people with diabetes

Disclaimer - The information mentioned above is compiled from data collected from different sources and is purely intended for general viewership purpose only. They should not be used for any diagnostic and or prescriptive purpose. For accurate nutritional information, please consult your dietician and or a certified medical practitioner

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